Emerging Tourist Location Property from 10 decades making the sector thousand times larger than any sector around the world .

World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) -
Premium Commercial Property owners vision, it’s a Billionaire’s vision and we just live in it.

Who own’s the premium commercial property in the tourist location ?

What amenities, from garage that can hold double digit numbers of cars ,to multi cuisine restaurants and multiple swimming pools along the coast line are considred Premium Commercial Property these days ?

Discover the answers to these questions and so much more including your goal to achieve permanent passive income for family, you need only one thing .

Amazon Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos ,develop vision of emerging tourist location to build Permanent Passive Incomeand Net Worth for family and generation.Bezos invested in coast line villa to California’s Mansion.

You should find your inspiration for your family’s Permanent Passive Income and Luxury Life Style,it depends on your vision.

Commercial Properties from Dubai and Monaco to Mumbai show us the facts we should invest in Emerging Tourist Location's Commercial Property .So develop your vision to escape the 90% People Rat Race,indulging fun in your life of rich and famous.


SLN Terminus – Cyberabad

Estimated Value 240 cr,The Premium Commercial Asset built by the Visionary Professional in the Buyer’s Market.He Invested in commercial unit when Cyberabad was Emerging Market.

W Retreat and SPA – GOA

Estimated Value 380 cr,The Premium Commercial Asset build by the Visionary Professional Avinash Bhosale in the Sellers Market .He invested in Commercial Land when VAGATOR Beach property was in the Emerging Market stage.


  1. Your commercial property investments let you leverage the expertise the property manager.
  2. You won’t have to deal with tenants, toilets or thrash .Its managed by property management service.
  3. New Horizons for growth and sustainability.
  4. Improved financial and spiritual stability
  5. Zero reliance on a paycheck
  6. Have freedom to pursue your passions
  7. Time Freedom ,Location Freedom
  8. Retire Young Retire Reach
  9. Reduce 99% stress ,its exciting to have name and fame.